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01. CRYPTOGENS will only accept payments via the following coins i.e EYESCOIN, WAVES and BITCOIN. Mode of payments of bonuses is entirely at the discretion of CRYPTOGENS.

02. CRYPTOGENS is a 100% advertising portal. Despite our mission and vision to be one of the top 10 advertising portals globally, CRYPTOGENS reserves the right to end this program at its sole discretion without having to give any reason or notice to any parties.

03. CRYPTOGENS does not and will not appoint any individual to be our exclusive agent. All agents will be solely independent Service Providers. Any risk or liabilities will be borne solely by the client.

04. All purchases of CRYPTOGENS advertising space is strictly non refundable.

05. Due to strict compliance issues, citizens of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA) will not be accepted.

06. All risks will be borne solely by the client. Under no circumstances are the leaders, uplines or CRYPTOGENS be held responsible for any problems, litigations whatsoever in the future in case of dispute of any kind.

07. In the event there rises any problems or misunderstandings, you are advised to write directly to us. You are not permitted to make any negative comments on any social media against CRYPTOGENS and/or any of its staffs, Directors, leaders or any affiliates.

08. Only the company marketing plan is allowed during your sales presentations. There shall be no unauthorized alterations allowed to be made at any time.

09. Clients are advised against attempting any form of manipulation against the system.

10. Bonuses will only be paid if you click on the advertisements. If you do not click on the ads, you will not be eligible for the bonus tokens.

11. All withdrawals will be paid within 3 working days. Nevertheless, if there are delays that are beyond our control, CRYPTOGENS will not be held responsible for any inconveniences caused.

12. Please take note that your withdrawal wallet address is defaulted to the address you used during registration. You may choose to change it at any time but CRYPTOGENS will not be held responsible for any losses incurred.

13. CRYPTOGENS reserves the right to make any changes to this disclaimer without giving any prior notice.